I am a freelance graphic designer with 25+ years experience in the industry. My expertise lies in Branding, Print Design & Typography with some experience in name-generation, digital media and presentations. I welcome the transition to social media and online design with glee.

I believe in doing sensible design without the hype; although there are times and places for that.

This site includes a mix of some unpublished stuff that I thought was too important to discard, some examples that I don’t particularly like, but are included due to their status in the market; and some stuff that I simply had fun doing. I have had the privilege of working with many amazing people in the design industry and have met countless more who have inspired me with their work and advice. Hopefully, I’ll continue to meet and be inspired by the new generation of up-and-coming designers out there.

Work presented here is a sample of my extensive archive. For a detailed presentation of my portfolio and credentials, please contact me on any of the platforms available.

I try to work as closely as possible with clients to deliver innovative solutions that support their long-term business objectives.